20 MHz Dual Channel Two Trace Oscilloscope (VPL-CA-8124)

CRT: Effective acting surface 8 x 10DIV 1 DIV = 10mm
Accelerating voltage +2kV
Lightering color Green
Z-Shaft input: Sensitivity 5V
Polarity of input Low electrical level intensification
Range of frequency DC:0-1MHz
Input resistance 10K W
Max. input voltage 50V (DC + AC peak)
Vertical amplifier: Width of band DC: 0-20MHz AC: 10Hz – 20MHz
Input impedance 1MW ±3% 25pF ±5pF
Input coupling DC – GND – AC
Polarity inversion Only CH2
Max. input voltage 400V (DC + AC peak
Defection factor 5mV/DIV -5V/DIV ±3% expanding to 1mV/DIV
Trimming ratio 2.5 : 1
Horizontal: Time factor 0.5S/DIV-0.2μS/DIV ±3%
Trimming ratio 2.5 : 1
Trigger system: Mode AUTO, NORM, TV, P-PAUTO
Trigger source INT (CH1, CH2, VERT MODE), LINE, EXT
Slope Positive or negative
Trigger sensitivity INT: 1DIV, EXT:0.3V, VERT MODE: 2DIV, P-PAUTO: 2DIV
Max. input voltage 160V (DC + AC peak) exterior trigger input
Input impedance 1mW ±3% 25pF ±5pF
X-Y acting: Defection factor Same as vertical system
Width of band DC:0-1MHz AC:10Hz-1MHz
Phase difference < 3°(DC: 0-50KHz)
Calibration source: Pole detecting standard 1KHz ±2% 0.5VP-P ±2% Symmetrical square wave
Power: Voltage range 220V ±10%
Frequency 50Hz ±2Hz
Max. power consumption 40W
Form size: Weight 6.5kg
W x L x H 320 x 418 x 130mm
Other: 456464 One operation manual, one standby fuse, one power wire, two detectors
  • P-P value automatic Performance: observe stable wave form without need complicated triggering  level adjusting
  • All trigger: ensure the two channels both having stable wave form even when the signal frequency of channel 1 and channel 2 are different
  • Dual Channel Four Trace alternation performance: can show double levelX1 and x10 signals  simultaneously
  • Hold-off performance: convenient for observe complicated signals
  • Size: (W x L x H): 320 x 418 x 130mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg


Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.