8 Channel Logic Analyzer (VPL-LA8)


  • User selectable sampling of 2, 4 or 8 channels
  • Two sampling mode: Normal & Fast
  • Fast mode supports sampling at 5 MHz, 2 Mhz, 1 MHz, 500 KHz, 200 KHz and 100 KHz giving resolutions of  200μSec to 10μSec.
  • Normal mode supports sampling at 500KHz/200KHz/100Khz and 50KHz giving resolutions of 2μSec to 20μSec.
  • Supports baud rate of 115200 s/s (115 KBits/sec).
  • Two capturing mode: Single shot & Continuous
  • Signal traced can b saved in a file and saved file can be load accordingly.
  • Signal traced can b zoomed up to 1:500.
  • Grid facility to easier timing analysis of signal.
  • Supports triggering to watched a particular pattern for each channel.
  • Supports “External Trigger i/p” in fast mode. A separate “Trigger i/p” can also be used to start sampling.
  • Supports memory compression in FAST mode, thus increasing the maximum capture time dramatically.
  • VPL-PPLA-8                – 8 Channel Logic Analyzer
  • VPL-PPLA-16              – 16 Channel Logic Analyzer
  • VPL-PPLA-24              – 24 Channel Logic Analyzer
  • VPL-PPLA-32              – 32 Channel Logic Analyzer


Used to disassemble the instructions and machine code of corresponding processors used for Logic Analyzer Card. Disassembly modules are available for:

*8051 (8031)                          *Intel 8085
*Intel 8088                             *Rockwell 6502
*Motorola 68000                  *Zilog Z-80

Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.