AM Transmitter Kit(CT-AMT)

Pioneers in the industry, we are engaged in offering a wide and high-quality assortment of AM Transmitter Kit to the clients. The entire range is tested over the grounds of quality parameters to ensure the delivery of flawless products to the clients’ premises.

AM Transmitter Kit(CT-AMT)


  • AM/DSB/SSB/Modulator
  • Amplitude Modulation Double Side Band Single Side Band (USB & LSB)
  • On board DSB & SSB Modulator
  • On board Band Pass filter
  • On board 455 KHz Generator
  • On board Audio & RF Amplifiers Transmitting Antenna
  • On board Speaker & Headphones
  • On board variable frequency audio oscillator
  • Carrier freq  generator: 400KHz to 1700KHz
  • Audio Oscillator  (Sine wave Generator) with variable frequency & amplitude
  • Audio Input: Audio Pre-amplifier with microphone input.
  • Voltage Control Oscillator (VCO)
  • Inbuilt carrier and modulating signal generator.
  • Carrier Null and Output Amplitude : Adjustable
  • Ceramic Filter, Centre Frequency  : 455 KHz
  • Transmission media: both wireless (MW Coil antenna) and wired (via cable).
  • Modulating Input: 0.1 to 10KHz
  • Test Points: More than 10
  • Built in power supply
  • Interconnections: 2/4 mm banana socket
  • Power: 220V AC +10%, 50/60Hz mains operated
  • Set of Patch Cords
  • Enclosed in cabinet with cover
  • Hard/Soft copy of the manual.


  • Study of carrier freq generation
  • Study of DSB & SSB AM generation & transmission
  • Study of Transmitter tuned circuit for AM transmitter