AVR Microcontroller Development Board (VPL-ET-AVR)

The offered AVR Microcontroller Development Board VPL-ET-AVR has been designed by using Atmega Microcontroller. This controller provides in-system as well as in circuit programming so that one may be able to write program and download directly in the controller through USB port without removing it from the system.

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AVR Microcontroller Development Board (VPL-ET-AVR)


  • – High-Performance USB 2.0 On-Board Programmer State-Of-The-Art very fast USB 2.0 programmer on-board with simplified driver installation
  • – User-Friendly Atmel AVR development system VPL-ET-AVR development system is a full-featured development board for the Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
  • – VPL-ET-AVR is easy to use Atmel AVR development system. VPL-ET-AVR has many features that makes your development easy. You can choose between USB or External Power supply. VPL-ET-AVR also supports Character LCD as well as Graphic LCD.
  • – The smart choice for AVR microcontrollers VPL-ET-AVR allows the AVR MCU to be interfaced with external circuits to a broad range of the peripheral devices, allowing the user to concentrate just on the software.


System Specification:

  • – CPU: Atmega 16/32 Microcontroller
  • – LCD Display Interface
  • – Output LED’s 8 Nos.
  • – Four Data Switches
  • – Stepper Motor Interface
  • – Four 10 Pin Box connector for general purpose interfacing.
  • – Provision for external power supply: 5V, 12V, -12V, GND.
  • – USB Interface using Rx/Tx of MCU for uploading/downloading
  • – Software supports up to Windows 7 (32 bit)