Chopper Fed DC Motor Drive (VPL-DCM)

DC Motor Speed Control (VPL-DCM) is used to


  1. To obtain speed-torque characteristics and efficiency of a dc shunt motor by direct loading.
  2. To obtain efficiency of a dc shunt machine by no load test.

Setup Includes:

  • Experiment Trainer Board that Contains:
    • Input : 220V AC
    • Circuit Printed onboard
    • Custom Designed Sticker with relevant circuit diagrams and meters value printed
    • On-board Digital DC Voltmeter and Ammeter
    • On-board RPM Meter with Proximity sensor
    • SCR based chopper circuit for DC motor drive
    • Variable DC, Fixed DC
    •  Mains LED Indicator
    • DP MCB 16A
    • Box : MS Box Powder Coated
  • Motor Setup:
    • Type : DC Shunt Motor
    • Capacity : 1 HP
    • Winding : Shunt Type
    • R.P.M. : 1500
    • Volts. : 230V
    • Insulation : Class ‘B’
    • Loading arrangement: Mechanical
    • Pulley: Aluminium casted
  • Connections : All the terminals of armature and shunt field shall be brought over to a sheet, fixed to terminal box, fitted on top of Motor.
  • Fitted with mechanical loading arrangement



Specifications can be changed and added without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.

Images given are for representation only and the final equipment can vary according to the specifications.