Electro Encephalograph (EEG) Trainer (VPL-BIO-EEG)

The VPL-BIO-EEG Trainer is a versatile instrument which is specially designed to perform laboratory experiments and demonstration of EEG. The module is useful for measuring psycho-physiological stimuli, for recording physical disorders and for observing a wide range of physical events. It is possible to measures variety of waves produced over the entire surface of the head. Typical waves which can be measured are alplha, theta waves.


Students can very easily understand various basic instrumentation and monitoring circuits. The user can analyze the signals at different sections of circuitry using oscilloscope or PC recorder.


  • Various instrumentation circuits can be individually tested which are fully explained in laboratory manual like
  • Differential Amplifier, Opto Electronic components, Notch filters etc.
  • For protection against line power, safety devices have been incorporated which limits the input voltage.
  • Control switches for varying roll off frequencies and amplifier gain
  • Optocoupler isolate the front end amplifier and reference ground from earth ground circuitry
  • Selectable notch filter which allows 50Hz/60Hz filtering.
  • Isolated Power Supplies to isolate the front end amplifier from the common earth ground supply (provides an additional margin of safety)
  • Tone Generator to produce the tone whose on period is controlled by the Pulse Stretcher Circuit
  • Convert the pulse stretched signal into a DC level for the 1 mA meter
  • Band pass filter to provide signals in range of 8-14 Hz.
  • Calibration 1mV facility
  • Waveform amplification can be through variable pot.
  • Facility to see output on CRO, DSO through BNC Connector
  • Morethan 40 test points
  • System is capable to perform all EEG instrumentation experiments
  • Various instrumentation circuits can be individually tested which are fully explained in laboratory manual like
  • differential Amplifier, Opto Electronic components, Notch filters etc.
  • All the observations and experiments can be done through dummy human body diagram
  • Record waves at different position of head like temporal, frontal, parietal, occipital

Equipments Supplied

  • EEG electrodes
  • Laboratory manual


  • EEG Simulator (In-built)
  • 21 point EEG simulator with dummy skull
  • In the system 21 electrodes are located on the surface of the scalp
  • The location and nomenclature of the electrodes are standardized by the American electroence-phalographic Society.
  • Bipolar or unipolar electrodes can be used in the EEG simulator
  • System is capable to simulate, condition and display following
    points of EEG:

Points F3-C3                         Points O1-O2                       Points F4-C4
Points P3-O1                         Points A2-O2                       Points C3-P3
Points Fz-F3                          Points C4-P4                       Points O4-O2
Points A1-C3                          Points C3-Cz                       Points Cz-C4
Points C4-A2                         Points P3-Pz                        Points A1-O1
Points Fp1-Fp2                      Points F7                              Points F8
Points T3                                 Points T4                             Points T5

Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.