Electro Hydraulic Trainer With VPL PLC (VPL-HTPLC)


The system is designed for the training experiments of hydraulic technology in higher education and vocational education field. It covers the most knowledge of hydraulic techniques. It can be used as a synthesized test-bed for mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration. The kit is capable of being used to demonstrate the design, construction and application of electro-hydraulic components and circuits.

Electro Hydraulic Trainer kit With VPL PLC (VPL-HTPLC) has following specifications:


  1. Trolley with frame – No of wheels 04, two fixed & two swivel type.
  2. Hydraulic power pack – operating pressure =40 bar, Flow rate =3LPM, tank capacity =17 liters, Suitable pump & electric motor coupled with bell housing and mounted externally over the tank.
  3. Pressure gauge (glycerin filled) 3 nos. of suitable range to measure the pressure.
  4. One way Flow control valve – 01 no
  5. Double acting cylinder – 02 nos.
  6. Double actuating solenoid controlled valve – 01 no.
  7. 4/3 way hand lever valve – 01 no
  8. Tee connectors
  9. Operation and maintenance manual
  10. VPL Programmable Logic Controller

Note: Specifications can be changed and added without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.