Electronic Stethescope Trainer (VPL-BIO-EST)

A stethoscope is the most commonly applied medical & diagnostic instrument, used in checking the patients health
sounds. It  used to hear sound generated from within the body. It is used to listen to heart, lungs & intestinal tract. even it used for measuring blood pressure.


It has a built in miniature amplifier inside the chestpiece. This electronic stethoscope makes medical auscultation diagnosis easy. Heart sounds, respiratory sounds and murmurs are heard loud & clear. The faint murmurs or abnormality that  are often missed by the regular stethoscope are easily detected  electronic sethoscope. It gives up to approx ten times the amplification compared  the regular stethoscope. It consists of graduated volume control, electronic filter, noise reduction circuitry, feather touch switches and a non-chill rim.



      • Direct amplification combined with fixed & adjustable filters blocks out excessive ambient noise and extraneous  sound which cause massive interference with conventional stethoscopes.
      • High accusative sensitivity provides powerful & crystal clear amplification of heart sound
      • Dual-frequency diaphragm enables convenient signal-sided chest piece operation
      • Direct conversion of sound from chest to electronic signals minimizes SOUND INTERFERENCE.
      • Easy finger-tip volume control
      • Electronic filter to differential sounds of variable frequency or pitch
      • Special noise-reduction circuitry to minimize external noise
      • Operation is simple and intuitive.
      • Non-chill rim for patient comfort
      • Sensor  air-coupled HIR sound transducer activated
      • diaphragm solid state integrated circuit gives many fold amplification.
      • Runs on mains as well as standard replaceable 9V battery.


Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.