Frequency Modulation Trainer Kit(CT-FMT)

Pioneers in the industry, we are engaged in offering a wide and high-quality assortment of Frequency Modulation Trainer Kit to the clients. The entire range is tested over the grounds of quality parameters to ensure the delivery of flawless products to the clients’ premises.

Frequency Modulation Trainer Kit(CT-FMT)


  • FM Modulators:
  1.  Reactance Modulator (with Carrier Freq. Adjustment)
  2. Varactor Modulator (with Carrier Frequency Adjust)
  • Mixer/Amplifier: With (Gain Adjustment), allows FM Input to be Amplitude Modulated by Noise Input Prior to demodulation.
  • Audio Oscillator with adjustable Amplitude
  • Frequency range: 88 to 108 MHz
  • Pre-Emphasis circuit
  • Built in power supply
  • FM Demodulator:
  1. Detuned Resonant Detector circuit.
  2. Quadrature Detector circuit.
  3. Foster Seeley Detector circuit.
  4. Ratio Detector circuit.
  5. Phase Locked Loop Detector circuit.
  • Low Pass Filter / Amplifier : (With Adjustable Gain)
  • Test Points : More than 50
  • Amplitude Limiter
  • De-Emphasis circuit
  • Built in power supply.
  • Enclosed in cabinet with cover
  • Accessories: Line Cord, Patch Cords.
  • Hard and Soft copy of the manual.
  • Interconnections: 2/4 mm banana socket
  • Power: 220V AC +10%, 50/60Hz mains operated


  • Study of FM modulators
  • Study of FM demodulators
  • Effect of noise of FM transmission
  • Study of Tuned circuits
  • Separate VCO circuit to demonstrate FM waveforms