Gang Programmer for All 8 Pin Memories (VPL-GPROG8X)


VPL-GPROG8X is an advanced volume production programmer for 8 pin series of memories having online and off-line operation feature.

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  1. General Details


    1. Supports for 1 Master and 8 slaves. It is real 1 TO 8 Duplicators.
    2. Online programming and off-line programming for production purpose.
      1. Online operation: USB interface, you can program the  master IC. It is useful for production of samples and R&D purpose. No need to make the master on any other programmer.
      2. Off-line mass production: one can use for production purpose and can copy 8 ICs simultaneously.
    3. High speed operation: SST25VF080 28 seconds (full process)
    4. A key to trigger the operation of the process: Just click on a button to complete the order, the use of very simple and convenient.
    5. Supports a variety of 8 pin series of memory: 24CXXX, 25 series of all, all the series of all.
  2. Other Features
    1. LCD display: Dynamic directed various operational processes, as well as the operation results. Synchronized three-color indicator light direct copy of the results for each instructions on the results of simultaneous buzzer.
    2. Each DIP socket supports two ICs, so that the volume is much narrower. Ultra small and beautiful.
    3. Counters: the number of successful copies of the IC count.
    4. Can be software upgraded: add greatly facilitate the future use of the device libraries the problems encountered.
    5. The metal shell. Dimensions length 220mm x width 135mm x High 24mm.
  3. Supported Devices
    Supports almost a full range of 24Cxx,  24LCxxx, 25Fxxx, 25Xxxx, 25VFxxxx …..