Line Tracing Snail Kit (VPL-RAT-LTS)


The Line Tracing Snail uses a special LED sensor to detect a black line (magic marker, etc.) drawn on a white background. It uses two small motors and rubber tires to slowly but surely move forward and turn. The body of the snail is made of transparent (HIPS) plastic to allow viewing of the intricate mechanisms inside.

The snail emits an infrared light from the Light Emitting Diode on the underside of its chassis. A photo transistor picks up the reflection of the infrared light to distinguish black from white surface. Transistor sensitivity can   adjusted to adapt for a variety of paper sizes and line widths.

Snail eyes move in-synch with tires. Snail capable of low/highspeed setting. Low-speed mode suitable for fine lines and narrow areas. High-speed works best for wide areas and thick lines.

Snail follows the line without fail. Draw a line on a white surface with an oil based black pen. Tamiya Paint Marker is ideal. Draw curve radius over 8cm, line width over 3mm.

Basic Specifications

  • Total height: 176mm
  • Chassis material- ABS resin
  • (2) Type 130 motors (sensor unit and motor come pre-wired).
  • Max. running time (w/ alkaline batteries): low-speed- approx. 2hrs., high-speed- approx. 3hrs.
  • Uses two R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately).


Note: Strong sunlight or lamp light may interfere with sensor. Please use product indoors or in shady areas. Adjust transistor sensitivity and line width to best suit snail running environment.

Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.