Pacemaker Simulator (VPL-BIO-PMS)

Pacemaker Simulator produces diseased as well as corrected waveforms which involves pacemaker action. Beating of the heart is due to the triggering pulses that originate in an area collect as SA Node in the right atrium of the  heart. In the situations, if the natural pacemaker fails to function or if the triggering pulses are not reaching the heart musceles because of blocking by the  damage tissues, the working of the heart gets disturbed. because of  this, the  heart rate decreases and changes in ECG waveforms are found. By giving external impoulses to the heart muscles, it is possible to regulate the heart rate by the instrument known as pacemaker.




Technical Specification

  • Pulse Amplitude Range: 1-5 VPP
  • Visible (LED) and Audible (buzzer) heartbeat indication.
  • Various test points available.
  • In-built power supply.
  • DIP switch for selection of various waveforms.
  • Variable potentiometer for selecting various heart rate.


Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.