Programmable Humanoid (VPL-RAT-PH)


  • Supports WiFi expansion, can support WiFi wireless control. (You can use the phone or computer wireless control)
  • Two LED on the robot helmet.
  • The robot frame has 3 colors, there are black, gray and white.
  • Product Introduction: 18 DOF humanoid robot mainly consists of a head, a torso, two arms, two legs.
  • Using large-torque digital servos to power the robot!
  • Robot uses 12g high-sensitivity power metal gear servos, which can quickly react.
  • The robot has characteristics of multi-DoF, which provides a powerful imagination for the users. With this, users can customize freely the actions of this robot according to their needs.
  • Body parameters:
    • Full body height   : 20cm
    • Length of Leg       : 10.5cm
    • Length of Arm      : 10.6cm
    • Material                 : plastic
    • Body color             : Black; gray; white.
  • Power systems  : 12g metal gear analog servos, which has high accuracy, the dummy bit small, zero dead zone, so that the robot’s movements more agile, neat!
  • Controller           : 18 road servos WiFi controlled driver Board
  • Wireless remote controller: You can remotely control the robot dozen action to facilitate performing various dance moves.
  • Programming software: It`s a graphical software, as long as the mouse to operate a computer can edit the robot’s movements on their own, very simple, junior high school students will operate.

Note: In our constant efforts for improvement, specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice .