Servo Motor Trainer (VPL-DCSMT)

The devices used in electrical control system are DC servo motors. DC servo motor has been the prime element most widely used in control applications. In position control the DC servo motor is of the highest choice to simple control circuitry. These motors suffers from wear and tear because of brush and commutator. The DC servo motor can be controlled by either field flux or by armature control. But variable flux motor suffer from costlier current source for armature and slightly poor control of field flux due to magnetization saturation for low speed application.

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  • Shunt wound DC Servo motor.
  • Motor Power: 1/4 HP DC Servo Motor
  • Separate DC supplies for field and armature.
  • 2 nos. of Digital volt meter
  • 2 nos. of Digital Current meter
  • Digital RPM meter.
  • Belt & pulley loading for torque measurement.
  • Two spring balance.
  • 220 V AC line operation.
  • 220V ±10%, 50Hz mains operated.
  • User’s Manual with patch cords.

List of Experiments:

  • Study of the torque characteristics
  • Study of the loading effect
  • Study of the balance measurement for torque.




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