Robotic Arm (VPL–RA-18A)


The VPL–RA-18A is a sophisticated and powerful robotic arm. The robot actuators contain a precision DC motor, gears and electronics all within a single modular package. These have 300 degrees of movement in 1,024 increments with full control over speed and torque. Other features include all aluminum rugged construction, hard Anodized finish for maximum scratch and corrosion resistance, Smooth, sealed, self lubricating ball bearing turntable , Compatible with any micro-controller/computer control system / programming Language (Open Source), Sensor engineered gripper design accepts, pressure sensors, IR detectors, CCD cameras and more.

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Robotic Arm (VPL–RA-18A)

Key Features

Property VPL–RA-18A Robotic Arm
Actuators AX-18A
Actuator Torque 1.8 Nm  at 12 Volt
Actuator Speed 97 rpm
Actuator Connections Daisy chained, 3-pin Molex connection
No. of Actuator (Standard) 7
Communication Protocol 1 Mbs serial
Actuator Design Dual in shoulder & wrist axis for maximum lifting
Lifting Capacity 1.13 kg to 1.6 kg
Length 47.35 cm
Overall Weight with Standard arm and fixed initial angle bracket 1kg
Base Height 2.54 cm
Software Compatibility ROS, MATLAB, LABVIEW
Power Requirements 12 V,  2 – 6 Amp
Kinematic Accuracy 1mm – 3mm
Movement 300 degrees
Increments 1024
Mounting Tabs 3 for easy mounting to a fixed or mobile base
Protection Auto shutdown based on voltage or temperature
Feedback Feature Yes
Feedback for Position, voltage, current and temperature
Initial Base Angle Fully adjustable

Note: Specifications can be changed and added without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.