Solar Photovoltaic Power Trainer Kit (VPL-PVTK)

The Solar Photovoltaic Power Training Kit is used to measure intensity of Direct Solar Radiation with the help of Lux Meter or Sunshine Recorder with Table.

Power Conditioning Unit:


  • Power Conditioning Unit: Comprises of different meters like Ammeter, Temperature Meter, Voltmeter and Power Meter to measure different parameters at different output.
  • Suitable Charger Controller Unit to charge battery Potmeter – 3W/12 Volt
  • Charge Controller Unit:
  • 12 Volt/24 Volt Nominal Voltage
  • 15 Amp. Charge Current
  • 15 Amp. Load Current


  • Inverter:
  • 230 Volt/150 W output,
  • 10-15 Volt input


  • Various Measurement Devices:
  • DC Ammeter 20 Amp. and 2 Amp.
  • DC Voltmeter of 20 Volt and 200 Volts
  • AC Ammeter 2 Amp.
  • AC Voltmeter 250 Volt
  • Temperature Meter: –100°C to 200°C
  • Battery: 4.5 AH/12V
  • Load Box *(with AC and DC Loads)
  • Radiation Meter Handout
  • The unit has all measuring devices to measure voltage, current, temperature etc.
  • Instruction Manual for how to connect the modules for various Experiments