SRM Motor Control Trainer (VPL-SRMT)

To study that the speed of the SRM motor can be varied using SCR/IGBT Circuit. The firing circuit is based on Ramp - comparator method. Isolation is provided by pulse Transformer.

SRM (Switched Reluctance Motor) is high demands of a rare-earth-free motor. The SRM have neither a permanent magnet nor a second winding in the rotor. It has simple structure, rotor robustness, high efficiency and large torque output. SRM is much suitable for the industrial applications.

SRM takes both AC/DC advantages with very wide speed range, to be next new generation infinitive speed adjustment system.

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  • Microcontroller based Motor Controller
  • 8/6 poles number
  • Rated Power: 0.5 HP or higher
  • Rated speed: 1500 rpm or higher
  • Rated Torque: 5.2N.m.
  • Rated Current: 4.75 A.
  • Driver: AC 230volt
  • Motor: 285V
  • Front panel consists of Digital Meter, RPM Meter and circuit is printed on.
  • 4 Phase motor
  • Fixed on a mechanical frame
  • Spring balance loading with dial indication
  • Hall sensor for position sensing
  • To study the working of SRM Motor
  • To study the speed control of SRM Motor
  • To study speed torque characteristics
  • Manual with detailed operation and experiments.



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