Sweep Marker Generator with X-Y Display (VPL-FG-880)


Switchable VIF, SIF and CHROMA modes
Digital Signal Processor drived marker
DC power output for Card under Test


*Operating modes:                 a) Video I. F. (VIF)
b) Sound I. F. (VIF)
c) Chroma

*Sweep centre frequency:        a) 36.15 MHz for VIF (adjustable)
b) 5.5 MHz for SIF (adjustable)
c) 4.43 MHz for Chroma (adjustable)

*Sweep width (around centre frequency):
a) upto + 9 MHz for VIF (adjustable)
b) upto + 350 KHz for SIF (adjustable)
c) upto + 1.5 MHz for Chroma (adjustable)

*Markers frequency:                 a) 8 markers for VIF
b) 3 markers for SIF
c) 4 markers for Chrma

*Markers amplitude:                0 to 10 V variable, positive polarity pulse markers

*Sweep amplitude:                    100 dB u max. into 75 ohms load

*Output Impedance:                 75 ohms nominal

*Sweep ramp output:               10 Vp /p 100 Hz for horizontal deflection of X- Y display scope

*Output Attenuator:                 0 to 99 dB in one dB step with digital display of attenuation figures

*DC output:                                   12 V, 300 mA regulated and protected

*X-Y Display:                                Suitable attachment provided.

*Power Supply:                           230V + 10% / 50 Hz single phase.

Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.