Transistor Tester (VPL-TT-8840)

The VPL-TT-8840 transistor tester tests Transistor, FET, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and so all tests. With capacitor ESR testing.


  • Automatic detection PNP and NPN bipolar transistor, N, P – channel MOSFET, JFET field effect transistors, diodes, two diodes, thyristors, resistors, capacitors, inductors.
  • Measuring bipolar transistor current gain (B) and the emitter junction turn-on voltage (Uf). Darlington transistor can  identified by the amplification factor of the high threshold voltage and high current.
  • Can v detect bipolar transistors and MOSFET protection diode inside and displayed on the screen.
  • Threshold voltage and a MOSFET gate capacitance measurement.
  • Resistance measurement resolution is 0.1 ohms, the highest measured value of 50M ohms.
  • Capacitance measurement range from 25pf to 100mF (10 Wan UF). Resolution up to 1 pF, inductance  measurement range 0.01MH-20H, otherwise it will appear as resistance, if the inductor DC resistance higher than 2100 urope also appears as the resistance.
  • Can v detected more capacitors equivalent series resistance (ESR), a resolution of 0.01 ohms. This feature is very important for the detection of capacitance performance.
  • Two diodes can display symbols in the right direction, also shows the forward voltage drop.
  •  Each test time is about two seconds, only large capacitance and inductance measurements will take a long time.


  • Transistor Range: 2 or less (including 2 ) PN junction consisting of transistors do not have other internal resistive and capacitive original.
  • Resistance measurements 0.5O-50MO
  • Inductance measurement 0.01mH-20H
  • Capacitance measurement 25pf – 100000uF


Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.