Universal PIC Development Board (VPL-ET-PIC455)

Universal PIC Development Board VPL-ET-PIC455 is highly appreciated in the market for hassle-free operation. Also, we provide this product in safe packaging as per varying needs of our clients.

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  • – Power Supply select – USB & external. Also, there is a switch for turning ON/OFF system
  • – Very fast USB 2.0 programmer on board
  • – Support more than 160 ICs for development as well as programming devices like PIC12XX, PIC16FXX, PIC18FXX etc. We provide Microchip 18F4550 Micro controller
  • – RS-232 communication with PC or another microcontroller
  • – All pins are connected to IDC connectors for further expansion
  • – With One 2 X 16 LCD display plugs in via a connector on PC board
  • – Very fast USB 2.0 programmer on board
  • – On-board Keypad allows efficient entry of numerical data as well as other characters
  • – Four Seven Segment Display
  • – I/O expansion slots/connectors
  • – On board push button switches and LEDs
  • – PS/2 connector is used for connecting PS/2 device
  • – System can be easily configured via clearly marked DIP switches
  • – On-board real time debugger with supporting assembler/compiler using MPLab and CCS software
  • – Potentiometer is available for testing multiple AD conversion and comparators
  • – Support for Microcontrollers in DIP8, DIP14, DI.P18, DIP20, DIP28 and DIP40 socket
  • – Provision for Touch screen graphics LCD is available onboard
  • – External power supply can be DC or AC
  • – Power Supply and Reset circuit
  • – USB comm. connector for MCU with USB facilities
  • – Choose voltage level to be applied when a button is pressed (GND or 5V)
  • – Crystal can be removed and replaced by another one
  • – 36 diodes for displaying states of all pins on the microcontroller at the same time
  • – All pins are marked on the back of the board.
  • – Software supports up to Windows 7 (32 bit)