USB Based 16 Channel Logic Analyzer (VPL-LA1016)


Sampling rate can set for 100M, 50M, 20M and 10M and 5M… Until 100 HZ. The corresponding sampling  resolution were 10 ns, 20 ns, 50 ns, 100 ns… 10 ms. (in 8 r oad mode, sampling rate can reach 200 M)


2 way, digital signal input, the input voltage range from-1 V to 6 V, more than 1.6 V think is high level, threshold and accurate. The perfect input signal protection mechanism.


The mature and complete USB2.0 high speed interface chip, backward compatibility and USB2.0 full speed USB1.1, fast data transfer, data transmission stability, good compatibility.


USB interface support the automatic connection, or in the software interface open state can can automatic  dentification hardware whether connections, and don’t need like most traditional USB needed to connect good  hardware and open software.


Support protocol analysis, it has SPI, UART, the I2C, PWM, the subsequent will be added constantly. To resolve the content to form more visual display list easy analysis, and click on the analytical content, the cursor will utomatically positioning waveforms of position and that is the logical analyzer, the software of a significant advantage.


Using high asynchronous static memory, a wide for 32 bit, capacity for 1 MBYTE, storage bandwidth for 400  MBYTES/ SECOND.


Can save and open the working area set and the data. Facilitate future for analysis.


Drive and PC are complete support WIN2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7 32 bit, WIN7 64 bit operating system, each had actual test is passed.


Software operation is easy to understand, the support keyboard shortcuts. For example I key on the keyboard and the O button were magnified waveform and narrow waveform, 1 and 2 key respectively is key to view the cursor 1, 2 as the center area.


Hardware based on FPGA, and use PC software FPGA dynamic configuration, can be flexible upgrades, without the
need to change any hardware.


Complete support various trigger, support high and low edge trigger, high and low level trigger, and the four trigger combination, and support the automatic acquisition.


Have two kinds of collection model, one kind is we recommend the variation of storage acquisition, one kind is the traditional 100 M sampling rate collection for storage.


Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.