VPL Electronic Circuit Simulation Software

This is a simulation software to design and feel electronic circuits without using costly components. We hope that this will benefit Students of Engineering Institutes, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) etc. in their study and learning practical.


VPL Electronic Circuit Simulation Software


  • It runs on any machine supporting Java 5 or later; special versions are released for Mac  OS X and Windows. The cross-platform nature is important for students who have a variety of home/dorm computer systems.
  • The drawing interface is based on an intuitive toolbar. Color-coded wires aid in simulating and debugging a circuit.
  • The wiring tool draws horizontal and vertical wires, automatically connecting to components and to other wires. It’s very easy to draw circuits!
  • Completed circuits can be saved into a file, exported to a GIF file, or printed on a printer.
  • Circuit layouts can be used as “sub circuits” of other circuits, allowing for hierarchical circuit design.
  • Included circuit components include inputs and outputs, gates, multiplexers, arithmetic circuits, flip-flops, and RAM memory.
  • The included “combinational analysis” module allows for conversion between circuits, truth tables, and Boolean expressions.


Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.