Microprocessor Trainers

68000 Microprocessor Trainer Kit (VPL-6803)

VPL-6803 Microprocessor Trainer is  based on MC68000 CPU operating at 8 MHz woth 32K ROM.

8085 Microprocessor Trainer (VPL-8501U & VPL-8502U)

VPL-8501U Microprocessor Trainer is  based on 8085 CPU operating at 6.144 MHz crystal frequency, 8K bytes of EPROM loaded with powerful monitor program. VPL-8502U Microprocessor Trainer is similar product with some additional feature

8085 Microprocessor Trainer (VPL-8509U & VPL-8509ADU)

With many years of involvement in this field, we are offering the best and outstanding quality VPL-8509U & VPL-8509ADU Microprocessor Trainer with LCD Display, USB Interface, ADC & DAC, EPROM Programmer and inbuilt power supply to our precious patrons. It is assembled with the utilization of optimum quality components and progressive technology in adherence to the set industry standards.

8086/88 Microprocessor Trainer (VPL-8603U & VPL-8603ADU)

8086/88 Microprocessor Trainer with LED Display, USB interface, EPROM Programmer, AC, DAC & Power Supply. There are two models VPL-8603U and VPL8603ADU with few additional features

8086/88 Microprocessor Trainer (VPL-8609U / VPL-8609ADU / VPL-8609NIOU)

8086/88 Microprocessor Trainer with LCD Display, USB interface, EPROM Programmer, ADC, DAC & Power Supply. There are three models VPL-8609U, VPL-8609ADU and VPL-8609NIOU with few additional features

Study Cards / Interfacing Modules

These modules can be connected to the I/O lines of any 8/16 bit Microprocessor Training Kit offered by us to perform experiments in the laboratory.