Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer (VPL-CT-AFOT)

With the increasing use of Fiber Optics in industry, need for trained manpower in this field is increasing. To help in this regard, we offer our product Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer under Fiber Optics Lab series. This range is prepared by the expert professionals by making use of the optimum quality components in adherence to the set industry rules.

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  • Circuit diagram printed on PCB
  • On-board Sine Wave Generator
  • On-board Carrier Signal Generator
  • On-board AM, FM, PPM & PWM
  • Provision for voice communication through Microphone & Speaker/Headphone
  • PC to PC communication
  • On-board Fault Switches
  • Test point provided to study the signal at different stages

Technical Specifications:


  • Fiber optic LED’s having peak wavelength of Emission 660mm
  • Inbuilt Signal Source: 

Analog & Digital
Bandwidth : 350KHz
Digital Bandwidth : 2.5MHz
Filters Transmitter : 02 nos.

  • Receiver: 02 Nos. Fiber Optic Photo Detector.
  • Modulation Techniques: Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation & Pulse width Modulation
  • Drivers: 2 nos. with Analog & Digital modes.
  • Analog: 02 nos. 4th order Butterworth Filter.
  • Cut Off Frequency: 3.4 KHz
  • Onboard Function Generator: 1KHz variable amplitude sine wave 1KHz TL square wave
  • Voice Line: Fiber optic voice link using microphone & speaker (built-in).
  • PC to PC communication: Using 2 channel through RS-232 serial port.
  • Port: 19200 baud.
  • Type of cable: Step indexed multimode PMMA Plastic cable 

Core Refractive index: 1.492

Clad Refractive index: 1.406

NA: Better than 0.5

Accpt. Angle: Better than 60°

Fiber Dia: 1000mu.

Outer Dia.: 2.2mm

Length: 1m, 0.5m

  • PLL Detector: 1 nos.
  • Comparators: 02 nos.
  • Switch Faults: Provided on board.
  • Test Points: 50
  • Interconnection: 2/4mm banana sockets
  • DC Supply: Built-in IC regulated power supplies
  • 220V ±10%, 50Hz mains operated
  • Enclosed in an attractive ABS plastic cabinet with cover
  • Standard Accessories: User’s Manual with patch cords