Advance/Wireless Communication Trainers

Advanced Communication Trainer (Antenna System) (VPL-VS-AT)


VPL-VS-AT PC Based Manual Antenna Trainer has been designed to provide useful tools for hands on experimentation and teaching of various commonly used antennas in VHF-UHF Microwave band in the laboratory for students of all levels. It can be used in standalone mode as well as be interfaced with a computer via RS-232 interface. In this Receiving antenna is rotated manually from 0 to 360 degrees and accordingly receiving antennas signal strength can be monitored on the Receiver.

Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer (VPL-CT-AFOT)

With the increasing use of Fiber Optics in industry, need for trained manpower in this field is increasing. To help in this regard, we offer our product Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer under Fiber Optics Lab series. This range is prepared by the expert professionals by making use of the optimum quality components in adherence to the set industry rules.

Bluetooth Serial Development Board (VPL-BT)


  • Wireless range of over 100M (130 ft).
  • Interface with RS-232 system.
  • No devices required.
  • Supports baud rate from 2400-115200 baud.
  • SMA antenna connection for direct antenna connection on each..



VPL-CDMAL trainer provides a basic understanding of the concepts behind CDMA, and various issues that need to be considered in the design of a DSSS system. These include the usage of pseudorandom (PN) codes and digital modulations BPSK. It has digital modulation & demodulation along with direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) generation and decoding, data signals, zero random bit signal generation.

Embedded Bluetooth Development Kit (VPL-EBT)


This Bluetooth Trainer is designed to demonstrate the functioning of Bluetooth devices. It includes all that is needed viz. bluetooth Radio Module with Bluetooth stack, Prototyping board, Cables and hardware besides the Dynamic C Integrated Development Environment, Bluetooth drivers, Libraries, Sample programs and many more.

EPABX Trainer (VPL-EPABX-104)

VPL-EPABX is a single board EPABX TRAINING KIT configured around the most popular microcontroller 89C51. VPLEPABX can be used to trained the Engineers about the architecture of EPABX.

This EPABX trainer have the provision to use 1, 2 or 3 trunk lines & 4, 6 or 8 extension lines respectively. Locking & other facilities are provided in this trainer same as normal EPABX. This trainer can perform the following functions such as use the password to protect the call Extension to Extension call, Hold, Call transfer, Call pick up, Call parking, Call forwarding, Redial, Call control, Conference, Do not disturb etc.