Embedded Bluetooth Development Kit (VPL-EBT)


This Bluetooth Trainer is designed to demonstrate the functioning of Bluetooth devices. It includes all that is needed viz. bluetooth Radio Module with Bluetooth stack, Prototyping board, Cables and hardware besides the Dynamic C Integrated Development Environment, Bluetooth drivers, Libraries, Sample programs and many more.

  1. General Details

    The Kit includes

    • Bluetooth Radio Module with Bluetooth stack.
    • Prototyping board.
    • Cables and hardware besides the Dynamic C Integrated Development Environment.
    • Bluetooth drivers
    • Libraries.
    • The radio range 10+ meters with Low current consumption for long battery life with 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum with Digital I/Os.
    • RTC.
    • EEPROM.
    • On board stepper motor interface.
    • On board LCD display.
    • On board ADC and On board relay & buzzer interface for switching devices through Bluetooth with RS232/USB interface.
  2. Bluetooth Module Features
    • BlueCore4 External plug in.
    • Bluetooth V2.0+EDR Specification System.
    • 8Mb Flash on chip.
    • Physical Interfaces.
    • Synchronous serial interface up to 4Mbaud for system debugging.
    • UART interface with programmable baud rate up to1.5Mbaud with an optional bypass mode.
    • Full speed USB v1.1 interface.
    • Bi-directional serial programmable audio interface supporting PCM, I2S and SPDIF formats.
    • Optional I2C compatible interface.
    • I/O Interfaces: 12 PIO; 2 AIO.
    • Operating Voltages: 3.3V.
    • With PCB Layout Antenna On Chip.

    Note: Specifications of any product can be changed or added without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.

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