Data Communication Trainer (VPL-PC2PC)


  • Serial Communication: RS-232 port (9 pin & 25 pin).
  • Parallel Communication: 25 Pin LPT Port.
  • Wire Less Communication.
  • Optic Fiber Communication.
  • Modem Communication.


  •  Serial Communication: RS-232 port (9 pin & 25 pin).
  •  Parallel Communication: 25 Pin LPT Port.
  •  Wire Less Communication:
    •  Infrared Transmitter: IR LED 920nm
    •  Infrared Receiver: Direct TTL output
    •  Baud Rate: 2.4kbps (max)
    •  Carrier Frequency: 38Khz
  •  Optic Fiber Communication:
    •  Transmitter: Peak wavelength of emission 660nm visible Red (SFH 756V)
    •  Receiver: Photo detector with TTL Logic output (SFH551V)
    •  Baud Rate: 115kbps
    •  Fiber Optic Cable:Plastic Fiber, Step Index, Multimode, Length: 1 meter
  •  Modem Communication:
    •  Modulation: FSK Modulation.
    •  Twisted Pair Link: RG 11 Telephone Connector.
    •  Data Indication: 8 bit Received Data Display.
    •  Switch Faults are provided on-board to study different effects on circuit.
    •  20 Nos. of Test Points are provided on board to observe various intermediate signals.
    •  In-Built Power Supply +5V, ±12V.


  •  Study of Serial and Parallel Port.
  •  Study of Serial Communication.
  •  Study of flow controls in Serial Communication.
  •  Study of Protocols in Serial Communication.
  •  Study of Fiber optic Communication.
  •  Study of Modem Communication.
  •  Study of Wire less Communication.
  •  Study of Parallel Communication.
  •  Study of Printer Interface using Parallel Port.

Note: Specifications can be changed and added without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.