Electronic Circuit Simulation Software (Model-2)

This is a simulation software to design and feel electronic circuits without using costly components. We hope that this will benefit Students of Engineering Institutes, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) etc. in their study and learning practical.

TINA Design Suit –The Complete Electronic Lab

Main Features

  • Powerful Offline Circuit Simulation & PCB Design with TINA Design Suite
  • Analog & Digital, HDL, RF, Symbolic, Mixed Signal Circuit Analysis
  • Integrated PCB Layout Design with Animated 3D view.
  • Multimedia Parts, Advance Diagram, Virtual Instruments
  • SPICE, S-parameter, HDL & MCU Models
  • Virtual and Real-Time Measurements
  • Mechatronics Simulation


Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.