LAN Protocol Simulation & Analyzer Software


This software tool from VPL Infotech & Consultants is a very useful utility which makes learning various difficult networking concepts easy. This helps in understanding what actually a term in networking means. With its graphic interface and easy to use features make it a must for network study.


LAN Protocol Simulation & Analyzer Software

  • Star, Bus topology selection
  • Protocols: Stop N Wait, Go back to N, Selective repeat
  • Packet size: 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384
  • Error generation: Acknowledgment lost, bad packet, auto error generation
  • Complete analysis of Network and above Protocols
  • Graphical Representation: Graphic representation of data on s/w screen with packet details
  • Network details: Indication of computer name, IP address, Port number, status of network and OS on computer.
  • Network & protocol analysis : Indication of packet serial number, file name, file size, file number, receiver name, Workgroup, receiver IP address, total packets, packet length, time out, protocol, topology, receiver, MAC address, port number, file send start time, file sent completion time, transmission time data rate(Mbps), error.

Note: Specifications can be changed and added without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.