PLC Trainer Kit For Allen Bradley (VPL-PLCT-AB)


The micrologic 1000 PLC Trainer can control a wide variety of devices to support your automation needs.

The Micrologic PLC monitors inputs and changes output as controlled by user program which can include Boolean Logic, Counting, Timer, Complex math operations. The compact design, flexible configuration and powerful instruction set combine to make the PLC a perfect solution for controlling a wide variety of applications.

  1. General Details


      • I/O Channels : Total 10 or more; Inputs 6 or more; Outputs 4 or more.
      • Input : DC Input.
      • Output : Relay Output; MOSFET Sourcing.

  2. System Specifications
    • Number of Instructions : 737.
    • Programming Options : Front Panel.
    • Computer Interface : Multiple Serial Interface.
    • Network Options : Ethernet; DH-485.
    • Software : RSLogix.
    • Features : Memory; Counter.
    • Maximum Counting Frequency : 6.60 kHz.
    • Power : 24VDC.
    • Sequential motor starter interface.
    • Star /delta starter interface.
    • Car parking interface.
    • Water level controller.
    • Piston cylinder interface.
    • Reaction vessel interface.
    • Resistance Welding System.
  4. *Note
    Note: Specifications of any product can be changed or added without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.
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