Power & Industrial Electronics Trainer (VPL-PIET)

To train technicians to be able to install and maintain electronic equipment. A good technician should always follow state-of-the-art technology and rapid innovation of new products. Our system has been designed to satisfy the technical educational demand. In fact VPLPIET is adapted to theoretical and practical courses for studying power electronics and industrial electronics.

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– Comprehensive study, including theoretical study and practical exercises.
– Use of industrial type components, devices and circuits
Power Supply:

0-10V DC/1Amp, 0-40V DC/1Amp

DC Supply:
+5V/1Amp, +12V/200mA, +15V/200mA, +30V/200mA, ±12V/200mA, +30V/400mA
-12V – 0 – +12V DC1/200mA, -12V – 0 – +12V DC2/200mA, -12V – 0 – +12V DC3/200mA, -12V – 0 – +12V DC4/200mA

AC Supply:
0 – 10V/400mA, 0 – 12V/400mA, 0 – 24V/400mA, 10 – 0 – 10V/200mA, 16 – 0 – 16V/200mA, 220V Socket

3½ Digit Digital Meters :
* DC Ammeter 0-20mA/0-200mA
* DC Ammeter 0-200mA/0-2000mA
* DC Voltmeter 0-20V/0-200V
* AC Voltmeter 0-200V
* AC Ammeter 0-200V

DC Motor for SCR Control Speed Experiments
AC Motor for TRIAC Control Speed Experiments

Experimental Modules

01. Characteristics Experiments and Advance Power Electronics Components like POWER MOSFET & IGBT
02. UJT Experiments, UJT & PUT Trigger SCR Experiments
03. PUT Experiments
04. PUT & SCR Experiments, TRIAC Overflow Experiments
05. SCS Experiments, Temperature Ratio and Touch Control Experiments
06. SCR Control DC/AC Motor Experiment
07. Automatic Control Lamp Experiments, Various Turn ON Techniques for SCR & TRIAC.
08. TRIAC Control Speed Experiments, Photo Couple Experiments.
09. Over Voltage Under Voltage Breaker and Flasher Control Experiments.
10. IC Timer Switch Experiments
11. Digital Signal Driver and Zero Voltage Switch, Advance Firing Scheme Experiments.
12. SCR Converter Experiments and Snubber Circuit using RC
13. SCR Commutation Techniques Experiments (Optional)
14. SCR Inverter Experiments (Optional)
15. Cyclo Converter Experiments (Optional)
16. SCR Based Choppers (Optional)
17. IGBT/MOSFET Inverter Experiment (Optional)