Programmable DC Power Supply (VPL-PDCPS-303 & VPL-PDCPS-305)

We have brought these Programmable DC Power Supply models (30V 3A and 30V 5A). These have super Performance with Low noise, cooling fan controlled by Heat sink temperature, Compact sized, light weight, Constant voltage/constant current operation with Output ON/OFF Control and Software calibration

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Programmable DC Power Supply (VPL-PDCPS-303  & VPL-PDCPS-305)

Programmable DC Power Supply:

  • VPL-PDCPS-303     30V, 3A
  • VPL-PDCPS-305     30V, 5A

Main Features

  • V Meter: 4 digit
  • A Meter: 4 digit
  • USB: Yes
  • Resolution: 10mV/1mA
  • Performance
  • Low noise: cooling fan controlled by Heat sink temperature
  • Operation
  • Compact size, light weight
  • Constant voltage/constant current operation
  • Output ON/OFF Control.
  • Digital Panel Control
  • 4 pairs of panel setup save/recall
  • Coarse and fine Voltage/Current Control
  • Software calibration
  • Beep output
  • Button lock function.
  • Protection:
  • Overload protection
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Interfaces:
  • USB/RS232 for remote control.



Voltage Range :              0-30V

Current Range :             0-3A ( Model: VPL-PDCPS-303)             0-5A (Model: VPL-PDCPS-305)

Load Regulation

Voltage :                       <0.01%+2mV

Current :                      <0.1%+5mA (Model:  VPL-PDCPS-303)    <0.1%+10mA (Model: VPL-PDCPS-305)

Line Regulation

Voltage :                       <0.1%+3mV

Current :                        <0.1%+3mA

Setup Resolution

Voltage :                       10mV

Current :                        1mA

Setup Accuracy (25°C ±5°C)

Voltage :                       <0.5%+20mV

Current :                        <0.5%+5mA

Ripple (20 – 20M)

Voltage :                       <1mVrms (Model: VPL-PDCPS-303)        <2mVrms (Model: VPL-PDCPS-305)

Current :                        <3mArms

Temp. Coefficient

Voltage :                       <150ppm

Current :                        <150ppm

Read Back Resolution

Voltage :                       10mV

Current :                        1mA

Read Back Temp. Coefficient

Voltage :                       <150 ppm

Current :                        <150 ppm


Note: The specifications above are tested under the conditions of temperature 25°C ±5°C and the warm-up for 20 minutes.


Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.