Automatic PCB Machine with 10 ATC (VPL-PCB-40)


High efficiency, high precision, small volume, simple operation, It is widely used in various polytechnic, engineering colleges, scientific research organization, arms-industry.
  • Product advantage: Advanced: Anti-corrosion PCB making  process, the plate making and drill process can be finished in one machine.
  • High efficiency: A piece of usual PCB can be made in a few minutes.
  • To make single and double sided PCB accurately.

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  1. General Details


    • Supplied with all components necessary for operation
    • Integrated modular control electronics for an easy connection to the computer via USB or parallel interface
    • Stepper motors
    • 4-track roller guidance
    • 8-point ball bearing carriage on all axes / linear profiles
    • Adjustable lead screw nuts
    • Integrated workpiece clamping system (clamping bridges) for plate materials with a thickness of up to 15 mm
    • Easy, infinitely adjustable guide play without disassembly
    • High-precision lead screws from Switzerland with spindle nuts out of bearing bronze
    • Inspection cover on the Y-axes with silicone sealing for dirt protection
    • Machine table made out of wear-resistant HPL
    • Quick-change system for the exchange of the machine table
    • Easy-care and wear-resistant surfaces (powder coating, anodizing)
    • Tool Changer: 10 ATC
    • Compact size


    Technical Parameters

    • Axis resolution: 400 steps/rotation
    • Stepping mode: Half stepping mode
    • Distance/rotation: 3 mm/rotation
    • Max. Speed: 50 mm/s
    • Speed (manual drive fast): X/Y = 40 mm/s  Z = 30 mm/s
    • Speed (manual drive slow): X/Y/Z = 5 mm/s
    • Speed (reference drive search): X/Y/Z = 15 mm/s
    • Speed (reference drive retract): X/Y/Z = 2 mm/s
    • Shortest ramp / slope: 200 ms
    • Driving direction: Depending on control software used
    • Machine travel X-axis: 300 mm
    • Machine travel Y-axis: 419 mm
    • Machine travel Z-axis: 140 mm
    • Automatic tool changer: 10 stations

    T-Slot Aluminum Table

    The T-Slot Machine Table is 4 mm thicker than the HPL-plate, so the maximum height of the Z-axis gets reduced.

    • Size : 500 x 321,6 x 12 mm (W x L x H)

    Spindle Motor

    • Input voltage (AC): 240 V
    • Power: 1000 W
    • Rotary speed: 4.000 – 25.000 rpm
    • Full wave electronics for consistent speed and soft start-up
    • Overload protection (current, temperature)
    • Concentricity (cone): < 0,01 mm
    • Concentricity (end mill): < 0,05 mm (25 mm distance to cone)
    • High milling force capacity due to double spindle bearings (sealed)
    • Universal Collet System from 1,0 to 8,0 mm


    Note: Specifications can be changed and added without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.
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