Welding Simulator (VPL-WS)


The VPL-WS Welding Simulator is a virtual reality welding simulator that enables students to rapidly refine basic welding skills, learn proper welding technique and explore welding career paths in a safe, virtual environement, without the need for consumables like metal and gas.

  1. General Details

    Welding Simulator (VPL-WS)


    • Welding simulator manufacturer in India
    • The 3D stereo vision welding simulation through Oculus Rift VR.
    • Real-time auxilliary dislplay.
    • Reduction of training cost..


    • Multiple Welding Processes:
      * GMAW
      * SMAW
      * GTAW


    • The welding of multiple welding pieces and positions.


    • Real – Time check of welding parameters:
      *Tacking Training.
      *Live Position , Speed, Stickout and Angle Measurement
      * Live Analysis on Gaps, Shape & Size of Beads, Spatters, Porosity, Penetration
      *Live Insta   Correct Feedback System.


    • Welding Training on Multiple Joint Type: Fillet Joints, Groove Joints & Pipe Joints


    • Multiple Welding Positions.

      * 1F, 2F, 3F and 4F for Fillet Joints
      * 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G positions for Groove Joints
      * 1G, 2G, 5G and 6G positions for Pipe Joints


    • Job Material Selection: MS, SS & AL
    • Job Thickness selection.
    • Electrode Type and Electrode Diameter selection.
    • Wire Feed Speed selection for GMAW
    • Protective Gas and Gas Flow Rate Selection.
    • Power Source, Power Type and Current Selection.
    • Comfortable and real world like work environment.
    • Zero Delay Operation.
    • Available in English, Arabic and Hindi Languages.
    • Support other languages is also available on demand.
    • Multiple Practices in one Single Unit.


    Note: Specifications can be changed, added or subtracted without notice in our constant efforts for improvement.

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