Electronic & Communication Trainers

Embedded Trainer for Philips 89V51RD2 (VPL-ET-51L)

The offered Low Cost Embedded Trainer For Philips has been designed by using Philips 89V51RD2 Microcontroller. This controller provides in-system as well as in circuit programming so that one may be able to write program and download directly in the controller through serial port without removing it from the system.

Study Cards / Interfacing Modules

These modules can be connected to the I/O lines of any 8/16 bit Microprocessor Training Kit offered by us to perform experiments in the laboratory.

68000 Microprocessor Trainer Kit (VPL-6803)

VPL-6803 Microprocessor Trainer is  based on MC68000 CPU operating at 8 MHz woth 32K ROM.

Advanced Microcontroller Trainer Kit with 89C61 / 89C52 (VPL-89C61)

VPL-89c61 is an Advanced Microcontroller Trainer Kit with 89C61 / 89C52 operating at 11.059MHz crystal with 32K user RAM.

8086/88 Microprocessor Trainer (VPL-8609U / VPL-8609ADU / VPL-8609NIOU)

8086/88 Microprocessor Trainer with LCD Display, USB interface, EPROM Programmer, ADC, DAC & Power Supply. There are three models VPL-8609U, VPL-8609ADU and VPL-8609NIOU with few additional features

8086/88 Microprocessor Trainer (VPL-8603U & VPL-8603ADU)

8086/88 Microprocessor Trainer with LED Display, USB interface, EPROM Programmer, AC, DAC & Power Supply. There are two models VPL-8603U and VPL8603ADU with few additional features

Digital Trainer-Gates, Flip-Flops, Counters etc. (VPL-DICT-GF)

The Digital Trainer Kit (VPL-DICT-GF) has been designed with the idea of providing basic facilities essential for conducting simple experiments in the laboratory. Using these facilities one can get familiarised with the various digital ICs. The system is suitable for conducting experiments on TTL ICs. Eight numbers of logic switches are provided onboard for giving digital inputs in the circuit.

UPS Trainer (VPL-UPST)

This UPS Trainer provides complete set up for the practical and experimental knowledge of a general circuit of On-Line U.P.S. with fault creating facility. This is very helpful in understanding the working of UPS

DTMF Trainer-Telephone Trainer (VPL-DTMF)

This Trainer based on Microcontroller, presented by VPL is a complete kit to understand the working of telephone instruments with the idea of working of exchange. The trainer has DIP switches to create the faults in the instruments and test points to give the complete idea about the servicing/working of DTMF instrument.

Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer (VPL-CT-AFOT)

With the increasing use of Fiber Optics in industry, need for trained manpower in this field is increasing. To help in this regard, we offer our product Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer under Fiber Optics Lab series. This range is prepared by the expert professionals by making use of the optimum quality components in adherence to the set industry rules.

USB Based Standalone Data Logger System (VPL-USBDLS)

The offered USB Based Standalone Data Logger System is used to log different type of sensors input. It can be applied to small remote I/O system. With its user-friendly interface, users can quickly and easily build any control application without any programming skills. This data logger has 8 analog inputs, which can be used to sense temperature/humidity analog values. Each sensor has its own corresponding relay. These relays will get ON/OFF depending upon the lower limit and higher limit of each sensor set by user.

Frequency Shift Keying Modulation & Demodulation Trainer (VPL-CT-FSK)

Frequency Shift Keying Modulation & Demodulation Trainer VPL-CT-ASK is widely demanded for perfect performance. This range is prepared in line with the set industry standards.